Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 38

Okay, so this cake is not for you or even about you.  This cake is for me!!  Today is my 35th birthday, just two days before yours, and it has been a great one.  It has been great because of you.  Thank you for preferring me today, making me an incredible birthday video, making me a birthday cake and just loving me.  

I remember growing up and wondering why my parents didn't get as excited as I did when their birthdays came around.  I mean MY birthday was the most important day on the calendar for me why wasn't it theirs?  Birthdays were the day the entire world as I knew it revolved around me.  I could do almost anything I wanted and I was good at abusing my one day a year freedom.

But now that I am older, birthdays seem a little bit more like the ones my parents experienced.  Being one more year older doesn't exactly create the same level of excitement as it once did.  Yet, because of your investment, this was a special day.  It was a day where I felt appreciated, loved and encouraged, a day where I did feel special and felt a little bit of the old flame of birthdays.  Thanks for celebrating me today.  

I love you, 


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