Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 35 and 36

In these 40 days of blogging for your birthday celebratioI fell behind a couple of times and this is one of those moments.  So the picture here says what I am feeling and the actual picture itself, well, its just supposed to make you laugh because it is pretty cheesy.

But if we are honest, me falling behind, not staying on time with something is pretty much true to who I am .  I am not proud of it, nor would I choose to be this way but, unfortunately for you, it is an accurate portrayal of my personality.  But you love me anyway. 

Now in my defense we were gone all day to our conference and my computer would not work well, if at all, at our hotel and my fingers were really tired all week;-), but I know I should have made a way and, let me say it here for all to see..."I am sorry and it will not happen again in the next 4 days!!  Will it happen again in our marriage, me falling behind, not doing something in a timely manner, getting tired fingers again that keep me from working or typing...most assuredly yes...and for that let me go ahead, for all to see, say in advance..."Sorry."  You are a patient woman Randel...most of the time...and I am lucky to have you as my wife!!



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