Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 32

A couple of my favorite memories we have shared over the past 7 years involve college football as well as one of my least favorite.  The beautiful thing about that statement is the fact that one of my passions is also something that you really enjoy...SEC football.  As you remember, one of our first "dates" was a bitterly cold Georgia vs. Georgia Tech football gameback in 2000.  It was cold, wet and basically miserable, but there you were, snuggled up next to me enjoying the game or at least the company.  You never complained, never gave a "face". Instead you sat there and truly engaged and enjoyed the game.  

The second memory is going to the Alabama vs. Georgia game, in Tuscaloosa, and enjoying the the experience of your old stomping grounds.  I remember going to the Phi Mu house and eating lunch and listening to stories of the old days.  The game itself was electric as Georgia squeeked one out on a last minute field goal.  

The last one was not one of my favorite memories but I know it is one of yours.  The Alabama vs. Georgia game this year in Athens.  Everything was perfect about the day except Georgia got trounced.  Now, that is what made it bad for me, but it is the thing that was great for you.  Honestly, as hard as that loss was for me, I did appreciate the fact that your team won and that you were able to enjoy it, especially after you just had your team spirit  lifted by a week with your Alabama girlfriends. 

Randel, I love that you love SEC football.  I love that you understand that Saturdays are a day, in the fall, where you will have the girls to least for a few hours.  Randel, I am glad you enjoy college football and that we have that in common.  

So, here is to our love for SEC football.  Roll tide!!  Win the National Championship...and you know how hard that is for me to say.




steve and randel hambrick said...

ok, with those last 2 sentences you are basically committing to root for the tide!!! cool?
love you!

Darren and Tara said...

Steve's well wishes for Alabama is affirmative evidence of his love for you! Roll Tide Roll!

ManUtd17 said...

Nice move picking a cold rainy day for that early date so Randel had to sit close. Smooth.