Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 31

One of the conversations we have had again and again, and one we have had several times in the past couple of weeks is the unbelievable difference a father and mother play in the life of a home.  We have laughed at the ways in which we respond to our girls and how they both prefer us in different situations.  They want me to play with them but they want you to console them.  They think you are the boss of the house and aren't sure it is okay to do what I tell them it is okay to do because it hasn't come from you.  In short we feel pretty confidant that each of our girls desperately needs both of us. 

So in times like these, when you are away from home a little more than usual, the effect of your absence is felt in a very tangible way.  Randel, your girls think you hung the moon, and when you come home they run to see you as fast as they can.  When they walk in the door the first thing they do is as where you are and are sad your not here.  

Randel, you are a great mom.  In fact you are a super mom and our girls need you.  



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