Sunday, November 16, 2008

40th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday!!  It is finally here, ready or not, the time when you are just hitting your stride, the big 40.  This is a day of celebration, not mourning, a day in which we acknowledge how far you have come and how far you have yet to go. 

Randel, this is your day and I hope you feel loved and encouraged.  I hope you realize today, in a more rich and realistic way, how much you are loved and appreciated, not only by us but by everyone around you.  I hope you see very clearly how much still awaits you in life, that you are able to see the cup as half full and still rising.  Today is a momentous occasion worthy of fireworks and fanfare, not a celebration of the end of something, but instead a celebration of the continuation of a life well lived.

So today, as you think about your life, remember the last 40 days and the memories we have looked at, all the people who have written and told you how much they loved you, all the fun memories we have created and realize your life is one of great importance.  You are special Randel and I am fortunate to be the one who gets to enjoy your life with you!!  Have a happy birthday and remember..."You are just hitting your stride!!"

I love you, 



A Southern Wedding Belle said...

I love you Randel. Happy, Happy Birthday! I'll be in Marietta for the month of December. You'll get your birthday hug then. Love, Debbie

carolineb said...

PARTY! Randel's 40! WoooHooo!

Brooke Hammel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDEL!! Was thinking of you yesterday when I looked at the calendar. Hope you had a good one!