Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 37

Today as we flew home from Waco I read an article in the USA Today about Paul Simon and the powerful poetry of his lyrics.  One of his greatest hits, taken from the album to the left, was the very familiar song "Homeward Bound."  He wrote this song while on tour in England as a catharsis of his deep homesickness... 

Every day's an endless stream
Of cigarettes and magazines
And each town looks the same to me
The movies and the factories
And every stranger's face I see
Reminds me that I long to be
Homeward bound.

Well today we are homeward bound.  We are bound for two little girls who make our house a home, who have desperately missed us while were gone, who in there own words have called us the "bestest mommy and daddy in the whole world!!"  Today we are leaving to go home and reconnect with the greatest calling that will help define the next 40 years of our life.  With three days to go until the new chapter begins take some time to celebrate these gifts. Sit back and think about your girls and just how much influence you have and will have in their lives.  Take some time and pray for them that God would give you wisdom on how to mother them in an even more life giving way.  For the reality is this...our girls will always view our house as their home and in the next 40 years our greatest hope is that when our girls think of us, no matter where they are in life, this song will pop into their brain because they know that we love them and will forever be home for them.  

You are a great mother Randel.  Your girls love you and they always will!!



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