Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 29

One thing that is very clear about you and me is that we are very different as it relates to our gifts.  I have the gift of laid backness, or according to you, the gift of laziness.  You on the other hand have the gift busyness.  It is the time when you flourish and enjoy life the most.

As you have prepared for the show this weekend it is interesting to see part of you come alive that is not always alive.  You flourish when your back is against the wall and you have a lot to do.  It is when you are the happiest and it has been fun to watch.

Today as you set up your space I really did enjoy being with you even though I had to give up an exhilarating bowling experience to help.  Honestly it was worth it.  You are really good at all that you do Randel and it is fun to watch as you get in the groove of your gifts and passions.  


Your Two Monkeys and Me slave

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